Brooke lives an example of walking in grief, joy, pleasure, trust and everything else that we encounter along this journey.
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Hey There, I’m Brooke, welcome to my corner of the internet.

In 2017 I went through several major transitions at once. It was a trial by fire moment in my life, and as I looked around, I realized I had to choose myself in order to move forward.

Though this time, I pieced together an ideology called ‘Radical Gentleness’. The phrase was born with inspiration from my mentor, who helped me get curious about what was possible when I turned toward the aches of these transitions and let myself ride the waves. Radical Gentleness now defines what’s possible when we build our lives from the inside out, and meet our experience exactly as we find it moment to moment. It’s an ideology that serves to remind us to be 10x kinder to ourselves through the sticky parts of life.

Inspired by the ripeness of the velocity of change, the impermanent nature of life, and the tenderness of being alive, emerges my podcast The Radical Gentleness Podcast, where I will use my time of transition as a springboard to explore what it means to be transitioning into an adult woman interested in slow living, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and self care.

My goal is not mastery, only to create a body of work that inspires us to meet our experience where it is, and to stay in conversation with ourselves, from there everything emerges.

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